About Malinda

Malinda Durbin is a healer, teacher, and workshop facilitator, who will travel to teach and work in other states if called to do so.

She has been a Shamanic Practitioner for over 20 years and is a member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies as well as the Kentucky Shamanic Society. She has advanced certification in Jin Shin Do® BodyMind® Acupressure, is a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui/Tibetan system of healing, a Registered Karuna Reiki Master, a practitioner of Divine Light Infusion, and is a Licensed Massage Therapist. She is honored to be a channel for Spirit through the voices of the Archangel Raphael, the Ancient Ones on the Council of Light, and other ascended masters.

Malinda is known in healing circles as a “Deathwalker” or Psychopomp: one who communicates with and helps move earthbound souls to Light. This work is especially beneficial in cases of sudden traumatic death or suicide.

If you wish to have a private appointment or host a workshop, please contact her at: or voice/text at (502) 458-9738.

Malinda Durbin

Her Shamanic practice includes:

• Channeled Shamanic Healing

• Soul Retrieval

• Compassionate Depossession

• Curse and Negative Thought-form Unraveling

• Extraction

• Clearings and Blessings

Shamanic Classes Include:

• Power Animals and the Lower World

• Master Teachers and the Upper World

• Ordinary and Non-Ordinary Realities of the Middle World

• Sacred Healing Tools and Techniques

• Mysteries of the Medicine Wheel

Malinda also conducts drumming circles and crystal bowl meditation.