About Lisa

As a psychic medium, Lisa offers readings from your Loved Ones on the Other Side as well as from your Angels and Spirit Guides! These can be in a one-on-one session or a group. Families and close-knit friends often like to have private gatherings for Messages from the Other Side.

She also offers classes in doing everything she offers in public including Pet Communications and Past Life Readings.

The first 4 classes begin with Developing Your Intuition- the Basics. This is where we start learning to understand how our Intuition (our Psychic Senses) comes to us in our everyday life, whether it be through sight, sound, feeling or a “knowing”. The next is the 102 Series followed by the 103 Series – all building progressively in information and energy. We’ll also ‘exercise our intuitive muscles’ the last half of every class! It’s always a lot of fun!

For more information or to book a private reading or group, contact Lisa at or by calling/texting 502-641-8567.

Lisa McDowell